How do I get the spider pet – Conan Exiles Quick Spider Taming Guide

Hello pixel bunnies. Since the pet taming patch I’ve been asked by a few people on my server ” where do I get the spider pet.” or “How can I obtain the spider egg”. Here is a quick guide to help ye on your pet taming adventures! For more detailed information about how to raise the egg keep reading.

How does the spider pet turn into a hatchling?

They start off as an egg, and then turn into a hatchling. The egg will passively turn into a hatchling in time. Once a hatchling make sure you put them into the animal pen with the proper food or they will die within 24 hours.

What do you feed your spider hatchling?

Food list: Shadespiced Demon Blood, putrid meat, human flesh, Abysmal Flesh, demon blood, insects, and fat grub.

Spider Food

How do I obtain a spider egg? (for those who cannot watch the video).To obtain the egg go to Buccaneer Bay (coordinates are n7). Make sure you bring enough gold! You will need 10 gold coins per egg, and there are three merchants there (three different eggs). The first one sells the sand reaper, the second one sells the shoebill, and the third one sells the spider egg.


Demon Spider Pet Rumors

There are rumors that to get the demon spider pet you need to feed and raise your hatchlings on the special shadebloom food. For the spider it is 7 demon blood to 1 shadebloom and that is with a t2 alchemist. However, I have not witnessed any statements by any persons on the interwebs that they have obtained the greater spider except for people who are admins on a private or single player server. Perhaps it is a very rare proc, perhaps there are other ways.

I killed the demon spider herself but no egg drop. I will try another 4-5 times to verify this. If you happen to obtain one, share the wealth of knowledge and do let me know. Thanks! HUGS AND KISSES.

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