Conan Exiles – The Midnight Grove

I was stoked to find out about the October 4th patch for the Conan Exiles pet taming religion yesterday. It was such a pleasant surprise. I cleared my whole day just to go on this adventure to the Midnight Grove, and obtain the Jhebbal Sag religion. I completed the dungeon without a walk through, and went in blind but brave, however it was not without cost. I died 3 times and lost a few corpses. I fought the black panther, the gorilla, the bull, and of course the werewolf.

It was worth it, because I got these beautiful shots! I also streamed the whole thing if you want to see how I completed the dungeon. I must warn you though, I scream a lot as I am easily startled. O_O

How to complete The Midnight Grove (Conan Exiles).

Warning: Spoilers, and live stream (unedited).

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