Conan Exiles Greater Wolf Pet – Where to get the Frostwolf cubs to increase your chances

Did you know in order to maximize your chances of taming a greater wolf pet to 50% you need to get the special and oh so adorable frostwolf cub? Yaaaas!

In this video I show you the exact locations of these cute baby dire wolf cubs and where you can farm some raw pork. You love bacon right?

Note: A third location has been discovered with a perma spawn of 2 Frostwolf cubs. Please scroll down below for update and map location.

What you will need

You will need Shadespiced fatty meat in addition to the frostwolf cub. The shade spiced fatty meat is 15 raw pork and 1 shadebloom, but the amount of raw pork needed is less with an alchemist thrall (depending on which tier you have). A tier 2 alchemist will bring it down from 15 to 11 raw pork.

Shadespiced Fatty Meat Recipe

As you can see, the regular wolf cub only gives you a 25% chance of getting a proc. It can’t hurt to grab and throw those regular wolf cubs into the animal pen, but I wouldn’t waste my shadebloom on it, unless of course you have lots to spare, or you are an admin who can summon a bunch. Who does that anyway…*cough* admin abuse *cough*

UPDATE 10/31/18 – New pup location found! Happy Halloween!

I was informed of and verified a third location. There are always 2 Frostwolf cubs inside a cave there with their Direwolf moma’ at the location pointed out below, (unless someone already took them of course). As you may already know, you cannot create a marker at the exact location you are at, so go to where my player cursor is. Remember, it is inside a cave.

You can also get shadebloom by upgrading your Jhebbal Sag religious alter. But to be honest, I don’t know anything about it other than that, and I hear it isn’t worth it because it is expensive.

If anyone has any information on this please let me know. Know more dire wolf locations? Hook me up.

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