Arachnids Galore – Baldur’s Gate II adventures

The lore in this game is foreign yet familiar. D&D is the granddaddy of RPGs and MMORPGs alike. I have fallen in love with the Baldur’s Gate series with plans to playthrough all of them, even if ass backwards. This fall (2020) I began playing the Baldur’s Gate series. It started with the early access Baldur’s Gate III but lead me to the classic and in my opinion timeless Baldur’s Gate II.

I have been recording my Baldur’s Gate 2 gaming experiences on YouTube, and in this particular episode decided I need to start documenting what I have learned by trial and error, and eventually what I have looked up on the interwebs. For now I am trying to not look things up because I enjoy working through the bewilderment of a new game.

My Current Party

Currently in my party is my main, a cleric named Sevastra who follows the priesthood of Lathander which is part of the Forgotten Realms lore. I decided to align myself with neutral good because I did not want to be too rigidly chaotic or orderly. I also have the following in my party:

Korgan – berserker

Anomen – another cleric

Minsc – ranger

Jaheira – druid

Yoshimo – bounty hunter

I regret not having a mage because I have probably 40-50 scrolls saved up and I am only in Act 1. I had an option to have a mage thief (Nalia) join my party but I didn’t like her personality more than the others in my party. Hexxat joined my team before Korgan was in it but died and got replaced, sorry Hexxat.

In episode 9 of my Baldur’s Gate II gameplay experience I left the slums after conquering the slave driver that found through the sewers underneath the Copper Coronet. They were holding children and gladiator fighters captive who were eventually liberated. Thereafter I was convinced by Korgan to go to the graveyard. In the tombs there, I discovered some arachnid cult perceivably lead by a mini boss named Pai Na, who had a following of shapeshifters that turned into spiders. They kept kicking my butt over and over. After a dozen deaths, I finally defeated the copious amounts of eight legged arachnids. I finally found a cheap yet effective strategy in the tombs, and without a mage.

Normally I use my summoned skeletons (two of them since I have two clerics), my animal companion (canine), and buffed everyone up. Because this is done prior to zoning into the fight they have to be summoned again and is essentially an ineffective strategy. What I realized though is you can kill a few spiders zone out, heal or rest, rebuff, and go back in. I picked them off by zoning in and out a few times, eventually claiming my victory!

The fight was well worth it, because I found a scroll called Spider Spawn that summons at least one but potentially two spiders. Unfortunately I do not yet have a mage to learn this spell, but in due time I will as I make my way to rescue Imoen.

In addition, on my adventures I discovered a scroll called mantle. Initially I was confused by this spell but after rereading the description a few times I realized it is an AOE (area of effect) spell that protects from those within it from weapon enchantments by making them invulnerable. I am sure it will come in handy, but as of now I have not identified any foes with enchanted weapons.

For other fights during this episode I learned about using your allies’ positioning to your advantage, such as summoned skeletons and pets, and even your beefier companions. Because sometimes you are outnumbered in a fight, it is a good idea to send out your beefier or expendable allies out first, or to position them around the more vulnerable party members, such as your casters and rogue types. Yes, I used them as meat shields xD.

Although the lore of Spiders have not been revealed to me yet in my Baldurs Gate II adventures, I will say that from playing the early access of Baldur’s Gate III, I learned that spider lore is likely linked to Drow lore, and their venerated Queen, Lolth. I don’t know that much about it other than I’m pretty convinced of their evil alignment. I try not to look up the lore so that I can be surprised, but as it reveals itself to me through my organic gameplay, I just might want more depth.

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