How to promote your crew to advisor in Empire of Sin


Promoting your crew requires notoriety. To get notoriety is simply by playing the game. Taking over rackets is a good way to start.

Here is a quick video guide on promoting to advisor.

Very shortly into the tutorial when you take over your first racket you will meet a boss from another faction asking you to do a sit down, after that point you are able to promote one of your crew members to mole right away, but to get advisor and underboss you need notoriety.


To promote one of your gangsters to advisor you need 100 notoriety. This took me approximately 2-3 hours of gameplay, and I’m sure it can be done much faster. I only did the first mission which is to hold 5 rackets, and in-between them I did a few more rackets because I needed money for med kids, etc.


It allows your advisor to boost loyalty from your crew members towards you, but is based on persuasion, so as you go up the ranks and obtain more persuasive gangsters, you will want to place one in the advisor position.


To promote one of your gangsters to underboss you need 500.


Notoriety is the “leveling” of this game in that you unlock content as you gain it just by playing the game naturally. As you gain more notoriety you unlock more gangsters for hire that get exponentially more expensive, but you get what you pay for. Maybe the cap will increase, but what from I can see so far the cap on notoriety is 1000 and the most expensive gangster for hire requires a notoriety of 666. Coincidence?


Hey guys, been reading a lot of comments on confusion with the how to navigate to the proper menu. On the top left there is an icon of a mafioso, the singular one which shows your character profile, once there, you can scroll through the crew. For PC you do this by hitting z and c, then once at the desired crew member you will notice on the bottom right you can select their role, which is R for PC. I hear some people say they are unable to even in the proper menu and proper notoriety. If that is the case just save and reload your game, it sounds like a bug.


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